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Acro Yoga

AcroYoga combines the wisdom of yoga, dynamic power of acrobatics and Read More the love and kindness of therapeutic massage. Just like any other exercises, AcroYoga is interactive and offers both simple and complex poses. It provides both physical and mental benefits. Other than the strength building aspect, AcroYoga builds up on concentration, communication and trust. The massage element relieves stress too. Our sessions will give you a chance to face your fear for heights and in case you have trust issues, trust me, this is what you want to take on! You also get to fly, twist and support others and leave them shining in their greatness; go upside down and experience the world from a totally different angle. Read Less

Power Yoga

Our Power yoga vinyasa has 11 postural series with each series having its own Read More intention thus leaving the yogi in a renewed experience of vitality, power and freedom. The yogis and instructors can adapt the practice by modifying the form and/or mechanics, the length of time or the number of repetitions/sets of the poses. Read Less

Senior Yoga

Senior yoga is a gentle series that is designed for adventurous yogis Read More who are in their 50s and beyond.It consists of strengthening and stretching workouts that are helpful to those who want to build strength and balance and improve their activity levels. One great way to avoid the health complications that come with age is by staying active. Yoga will offer a great way to keep the body energized and flexible. There are yoga poses that increase core balance and strength which is very helpful to a senior. Our instructors will assist you to attain the correct body positioning as you practice. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking part in any yoga session. Read Less

Kids Yoga

It is important to introduce your kids to yoga while they are still young to Read More help them set a foundation for a fit future as they learn healthy lifestyle habits. While doing yoga, children get a chance to play, exercise and connect with their inner self while connecting with the natural world surrounding them. Some of the enormous benefits kids can derive from yoga include enhancing their strength, coordination, flexibility and body awareness. Also, their sense of calmness, relaxation and concentration improves. Yoga helps to bring that inner light in kids to the surface. Book today!Read Less

Yoga in the Dark

Yoga in the Dark Yoga poses are difficult enough to those who have two Read More good eyes. Now if you tried closing your eyes for a few moments, you will quickly appreciate the challenges blind yoga students face, as well as how courageous they are. Determination, tremendous focus and attention are some of the necessary qualities a blind yogi should have since this helps them become alert and sincere practitioners. They use the inner eye for empowerment into greatness and to shine in their poses. More planning and skill is required for an instructor to conduct such a session. They have to be oriented first on the movement in the room for proper mobility to avoid toppling over or injuring themselves. This helps the students to develop self-confidence and sense of independence. Now the blind can practice yoga with us. There are limited slots for those who can see and want to get the unique yoga in the dark experience. Book today to secure your spot! Read Less

Silent Yoga

Silent Yoga At the end of a usual yoga session, the instructors sound usually arouses Read More yogis from Savasana. But what if you can’t hear that verbal cue? This is one of the challenges faced by the deaf students during a yoga practice Well, in order to instruct yoga to deaf students sign language, body language and a gentle touch are used to communicate or in conveying the instructions to various yoga poses. Being deaf shouldn’t hinder you from practicing yoga now! Subscribe today and get a chance to practice silent yoga with the best instructors! There are limited slots for those who just want to get the experience and are not hearing impaired. Read Less

African Live Drumming and Dancing

Welcome to Dance and live drumming! Our dance will get your heart soaring and Read More blood pumping. You are bound to feel these rhythms as you shake what you got! Participants learn the basic African dance steps incorporated from different ethnic communities in Africa. The dance sessions emphasize on the joy of movement and self-expression. It also involves time, rhythm, space, and levels. Each dance routine has a meaning while each beat has its roots, and the movements are synchronized with the beats. the dances, songs and drumming will offer you a chance to learn the African history. We will let your spirits fly as you get down to dance! These sessions bring people together for rejuvenation, health and fun. They are open to participants of all dance levels and age groups. However, the dances vary depending on the participant’s gender or the occasion. We dance for the love of the African culture and our African rhythms are endless. Try us out today!Read Less

Thai Yoga Massage

Have you ever tried a Thai Yoga massage? Well if you have, you already know Read More how amazing it is. If you haven’t then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for! The Thai yoga massage we provide to our subscribers is usually done on a mat on the ground and uses no lotions or oils. A recipient remains clothed in comfortable, loose clothing during the massage. The practitioner will use their body weight while the customer often makes use of their breath control to get a much deeper workout. The massage is done using rhythmic thumb, elbow, palm, feet and legs. You will be positioned in various yoga-like positions by the giver as you get the massage. Thai massage flows to designated body lines. The giver uses various trigger/pressure points during the massage to give the receiver an excellent service. Usually, there is a standardized rhythm and procedure to the massage that our giver will adjust so that it fits you, the receiver, perfectly. Here are some of the benefits of Thai yoga massage: • Improves breathing • Improves athletic performance • Relieves muscular tension while increasing the muscles and limbs flexibility • Removes the energy lines blockage hence increasing the energy levels • Increases flexibility • It’s relaxing • Reduces stress • Centers the mind and body With the skillful hands of our practitioners, you will experience an impressive rhythmical workout that will balance your body’s need for stretching and movement for 1 ½ hours. Subscribe and enjoy a Thai Yoga massage today! Read Less

Shiatsu Massage

This is a physical therapy which strengthens and supports the body’s natural ability . Read More to balance and heal itself Shiatsu works on the emotional, psychological and physical aspects of the entire body. Shiatsu massage originated from Japan. Even though in Japanese Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’, a practitioner uses comfortable pressure, touch, and manipulative techniques when adjusting the physical structure of the receiver’s body. This also balances the energy flow. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy: 1. Relieves muscle pains 2. Reduces stress, tension, anxiety and depression 3. Improves circulation and the digestive systems efficiency A Shiatsu experience is relaxing and pleasant so, it is important for you to inform the practitioner if you feel uncomfortable. Our practitioners use an approach that focuses on energy pathways and acupressure points. Subscribe today to book for a session in time! Read Less

Massage Classes

We have introduced massage lessons that will enable our students to learn various methods Read More of Western massage involving the use of oil for relaxation and beauty. You can choose to learn for the purpose of knowing the skill or generating income. This is the fastest kind of massage anyone can learn and is loved my many.Students will get to know different techniques for stimulating the soft tissues and muscular structure of the body. You must remember that massage can’t be learnt from reading about the theory. The best way to learn is to make use of your hands (doing it practically). If you learn to massage with sincerity and passion with us, you will definitely give your massage receivers’ a feeling of rejuvenation and rebirth. Why wait any longer? Start your classes now! Read Less

Braille Classes

We have introduced massage lessons that will enable our students to learn various methods Read More Anyone can learn braille and, the more you practice it, the better you will get. We believe braille is an important tool for anyone who is partially sighted or blind. Also, sighted family members and friends who want to learn braille have a chance to learn this vital skill.Read Less

Sign Language Classes

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